Sofia Bernasconi

Visual artist, audiovisual producer, art curator.

Puertas Adentro, works by Julio Escámez in private collections is a series of six capsules made with the aim of disseminating graphic and pictorial works by the Chilean artist Julio Escámez that are in private collections in Gran Concepción, showing his social links and his prolific production of work. 

Julio Escámez was born on November 15th 1925 in Antihuala, Arauco province, Biobío region. He received his initial artistic training in Concepción, which was nurtured by stays in Santiago, but above all by travelling outside Chile. After the coup d'état, he left the country, moving to Costa Rica, a nation that gave him asylum and work. He died on 23 December 2015 in San Pedro de Barva, Heredia, leaving a large body of work in both countries.


General Coordination
Leslie Fernández

Content creation
Bárbara Lama

Audiovisual production
Sofía Bernasconi

Photographic record and transcriptions
Ninoska Nuñez

Samuel Lira
La Hija de Creón by Julio Escámez (1996)
MNBA Collection, Chile

Sound animation
Carolina Opazo

Julio Muñoz
Carmen Azócar
Mauro Mosciatti
Ema, Juana y Pedro Millar